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ATMS6004WM WiFi Smart Meter

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  • Function

    • Program timer, can set 30 On/Off programs one day or per week.
    • If the product is disconnected from the network, the timer retains all programs set up by Mobile App and works according to the set programs.
    • With memory function, When the product contact is in the close state, after the power failure, and then call, the product contacts still keep the close state.
    • Can be share with 20 users by Mobile App.
    • The products can be worked with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistan.
    • With Bluetooth function, when the WIFI signal is disconnected for 5 minutes, you can use the mobile APP to control the on and off of the product through Bluetooth.
    • In the App can display: Today Ele (KWh), Current Ele (mA), Current Power (W), Current Voltage (V), Total Ele (KWh)
    • Current Total Active Power
    • Current Total Positive Active Power
    • Current Total Reverse Active Power
    • Total eneray kWh
    • Rs485 Functions