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ATMS1601 WiFi Smart Timer

Products Info

>>   Category:WiFi Smart Timer

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>>   E-mail:aultop@aultop.com.cn

>>   Tel:+86-577-62777339

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  • Feature
  • Technical Parameters
  • Dimensions
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Function
    ●Program timer, can set 100 On/Off programs one day or per week.
    ●Count down time, from 1 Min to 23 hours 59 Mins.
    ●If the product is disconnected from the network, the timer retains all programs set up by Mobile App and works according to the set programs.
    ●With memory function, When the product contact is in the close state, after the power failure, and then call, the product contacts still keep the close state.
    ●Also can controlled by buttons from terminal A1 and A2.
    ●Can be share with 100 peoples by Mobile App.

  • Technical data,
    Rated Voltage: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
    Rated Current: 16A 250VAC(C0Sρ=1)
    Contact configuration: 1NO(SPST-NO)
    WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Mounting: DIN Rail 35 mm(EN 60715)
    Ambient temperature range: -10°C...+60°C